The books you will find on this site are mainly, but not exclusively, concerned with the forms and expressions of Greek life and culture that emerged during the post-Byzantine period while still remaining deeply rooted in the spiritual inheritance of Greek Christendom. This life and culture is often identified by the enigmatic word Romiosyni, which derives from the connection of the Greeks with 'new Rome' — Constantinople — and the Eastern Roman Empire. People who dwelt within this Empire called themselves Romioi — Romans — hence Romiosyni, which in a non-nationalistic sense could be rendered as Hellenism. It is for this reason that many of books on this site have been published within the encompass of what is called 'The Romiosyni Series'. Romiosyni is a word that has both historical and emotional connotations and expresses for modern Greeks a particular aspect of their national identity. Historically, this identity was not limited to a political, racial or territorial boundary, and this sense of nationality depended more on the sharing of a certain milieu, almost a state of mind, than on anything else.

All the books on this site have been produced in Greece and particular care has been taken with regard to their design, quality and durability.


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Our most recent publications

Gail Holst-Warhaft

Dance! dance! enjoy your youth because you won't find it again in this world. Let the dancing go on, this earth will eat us, this earth will eat us, let the dancing go on. Whoever has a good heart and often celebrates, they're the only ones who enjoy this false world. This ea... more

Ilias Venezis
Land of Aeolia

This present translation brings one of the most beloved works of modern Greek literature to readers of English for the first time in its entirety. Land of Aeolia tells the story of the author’s childhood summers in Anatolia before World War I, before the Greek genocide, the Greco-Turkish war, the author’s captivity by the Turks, and be... more

Alexandros Papadiamandis
The Boundless Garden: Volume II

The stories included in this second volume of Alexandros Papadiamandis’s literary work were written during the years 1894–1902, a period regarded as his most creative. As the nineteenth century gives way to the twentieth, in these stories we are presented with an unrivalled gallery of authentic individuals who are emerging out of a... more

Maria Iordanidou

Loxandra of ‘big arched feet and slim ankles‘, of ‘big hands like those of a patriarch...hands for kissing, fingers long and shapely, made to bless and to smell of mahlepi and incense, hands made for giving’, was born, it is said, in the times of Abdül-Medjid I, the 31st Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who reigned from 18... more

Lambros Kamperidis
The Rider The Steed The Dragon

Peris Ieremiadis (1939–2007) was born in Athens and studied painting at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lived and worked in Paris for several years, returning to Greece in 1972, and thereafter was based mainly in Athens where his work was regularly exhibited in various galleries. His renowned series of works on Saint George, which ... more

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