Juliet du Boulay

Juliet du Boulay has an MA in English Literature and Language and a D. Phil. in Social Anthropology. After her first degree she worked on a newspaper in London for two years, and then in 1961 she went to Greece and remained there, with some breaks, until 1973. During 1961–64 she travelled extensively in the villages in mainland Greece and Evia (Euboea), and also spent some months walking with a donkey in the mountainous areas of Western Crete. She returned to England to study social anthropology at Oxford, after which in the period between 1966–73 she lived chiefly in a mountain village of northern Evia, at first collecting material on the customs and institutions of the village, and then paying especial attention to the people’s cosmological and religious ideas. These studies were written up in book form as Portrait of a Greek Mountain Village (1974) and Cosmos, Life, and Liturgy in a Greek Orthodox Village (2009). She has also published various articles in anthropological journals.

In 1968 she was received into the Orthodox Church, and in 1976 she married and went with her husband to live in Scotland. There they formed the centre of a small Orthodox Community, at first in Aberdeen and then in Dunblane near Stirling, and it was to serve the community in Dunblane that her husband was in 1992 asked to be ordained first as deacon and then as priest.

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